Witty Nana

It’s  About Confidence, Motivation & Inspiration for You!!! 

Be You, Love Yourself! Try to take things in stride! 

Your personal time is just for you, no need to share it with everyone!


Here are a few tips to how to help us all: 

  • Daily if possible – Set goals, find joy and call a friend, family person:   Mastering something as a setting a reachable goal for the day – creating a song list;  trying a new recipe or exercising. A second daily essential is finding an element of pleasure: eating a delicious snack or taking a bath, for instance. Then comes “connection,” which in the age of Covid-19 means calling or video chatting with a friend or relative or even take ourselves outside and feel the sunshine on your face! Enjoy Life!
  • Take mental inventory of your well-being – takes a few slow, deep breaths and remind yourself of what is true to yourself, then while you are taking those slow deep breath, your heart is beating and there is no feeling of a lion roar or an hypertension feeling. 
  • Limit media intake – adjust the specific times during the day to view news.  We all like to be inform but there are times we just need to step away! 


Email:  wittynana36@gmail.com